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Or finding mushrooms.

I noticed this today, for the first time. What a beautiful fountain. Reminded me of Italy, and don’t the Draenei make the perfect Nymphs?

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It’s not all about nuking Forsaken.

Sometimes you stop and watch a moon rise.

Then you get back to the business.

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“And if I live, something will die.”

We were two Level 36 Paladins and we completed a level 39 elite quest in Stromgarde.

Seal of Light stacks with Judgement of Light. I know that today.

And Reckoning with a very fast weapon just puts out a flurry of attacks. Very cool.
Folks say Paladins are at their strongest in their 30′s. Does this power go down in later levels?

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“I’m not here to do damage. I’m here to live.”

That’s what Honorus tells the two warriors that have summoned him to the summoning stone outside of the Scarlet Monastery.

They’ve seen his little Knightly Longsword, and compared to the big axes on both their backs, they assume he’s not going to do much with it.

“My wife is a Mage. She’s the killer. I just live.”

And that little Knightly Longsword, with a fast fast 1.5 second swing, that gets enough hits in to let the healing from my Seal of Light flow.

We had a good enough romp into the Scarlet Monastery. We first visited the library, where I only needed to find a book, and kill Loksley the Houndsmaster. The two warriors, Night Elves on Jumping Jacks, were literally bouncing everywhere and ensuring we never had a dull moment, with full and double pulls the routine. One of them was level 34 and the other 39. We also had a Draenei Priest along, and a level 32 Druid. The Druid later left and we replaced him with another Night Elf, this time a Rogue. Well we worked our way mostly to Daon, but in the last room they managed to get all the groups and we wiped. Coming back we realized there’d been a repop behind us. Game over. Well, I’d gotten my book, and we’d killed Locksley, so now what?

So they decided to try the Graveyard. Turns out there is a rare spawn in there that carries a rare sword. (The rare spawn was there but I lost the need roll.)

But here is where this little Paladin shone. The warriors would go to both sides and bring back groups of ghosts. This is where my Consecration spell came in handy. Over and over, and I stayed at the top in DPS. Not bad for a little sword, or Pally survivability. And at nearly 1900 health, if I’m remembering right, I had more health than even the 39 Warrior.


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A new technique.

And the wife was just blown away. She was laughing with power. “That’s what I’m talking about.”

The new idea? For us at least. Honorus gathers together a handful of mobs, she melts them with AoEs. We realized (yes, yes, we’re such noobs) that killing one was as hard as killing six. If I could survive six beating on me, which I can, we can up our kill rate sixfold. Sweet.

Running a Protection build now, she deep in the Arcane tree, we sought mobs we could round up and beat down. The Kurzen guys we gathered up in their huts, and dispatched them. Like pigs in a poke, or fish in a barrel.

Fun, fun. Those Kill X quests should go more quickly now. Warhorse and Chestnut mare, we’ll be collecting ours shortly.

Later, trying to wrap up my Stockades quests, I joined a group with three others. 21 Nelf Priest, 21 Nelf Druid, and a 27 Draenei Shaman. I’d turn on Seal of Light, let the Consecration flow, get mana back from the heals I got. I’d run into groups of Defias prisoners and we’d end their pathetic little riot.

I’ve so much yet to enjoy in this game. Burn-out is other people’s problem.


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Hellfire Ramparts through the eyes of a Beastmaster.

Last night was Arcarius’s turn into the Ramparts. So far I’ve taken an Enhancement Shaman on healing duty, and a Protection Warrior on tanking duty, so now I was going in as a Beastermaster Hunter on DPS* duty. (*I use “DPS” lightly because I achieve half of the numbers that BRK’s dwarf, Damh, gets. I removed my damage meters last night, but I might reinstall them. I’m not one that prints them out in chat, “WOOT! LOOK AT MY LEETNESS!”, but I do think knowing my relative contribution to the efforts (healing or damage) is important.)

Did I get sidetracked or what?? Anyway, using the Looking for Group tool I was relatively quickly matched up with a Mage (pink ponytailed fire meteor throwing mage), a 60 Arms Warrior (“No shield, I’m Arms. … By the way, I don’t have a shield.”), a 64 Druid (Feral/Balance), and a 65 Paladin, of talent spec unknown.

So, I’m yanked from Zangarmarsh and wind up outside the instance. The LFG tool, and the summoning stone thing, are wonderous. So much easier going instancing with these tools. Good job, Blizzard!

The Mage is the party leader and we simply start. No marking. The first two pulls are easy, and we start into the Ramparts, and on the first or second dog packs we wipe. Ouch. All except the Arms Warrior who’s managed to reach the exit. We recover and move on. That was our last wipe.

And I started by laying freezing traps, to immobilize one of a group, but the Paladin said he wanted to AoE them so just lay a frost trap. The Paladin had a shield and that worked pretty well. The Mage had a propensity for gaining aggro, but I’d jump to that as I could, sending in my new Ravager pet (loyalty level 2, noob) to protect her, and interrupt spell casting with Intimidation.

We got into a comfortable rhythym and that worked very well. The first boss was a joke. His first healer was melted, the second was grazing on grass, and he went down. The groups were easy enough, no challenges there. The demon boss was a cakewalk. The dragon was next.

Now, the dragon has wiped every party I’ve been in so far. And while Blackhoof has seen him killed, Msaker is missing that satisfaction. But this time, with this group, he dropped like he’d taken a whippit shot. His health dropped so fast I thought I was watching lame duck poll numbers. Flawless I thought.

That was a good run. I’m pretty pleased with that.

My new ravager… The former one, which I tamed for the Gore 8 ability, and the cool looks, was a green one with purple highlights. I named him Outlandish. He reached loyalty level 4 or so. But he wasn’t all that. So I dismissed him right outside the Cenarian Expedition and tamed a new ravager. This one is all purples, with red glowing eyes. I named him, or her rather, Darkense. (It seems I may have mispelled that. It should be Darckense. Ah, well, no loyalty loved or lost there. A new one will be tamed tonight and properly named.)

Anyway, I can be pretty oblique sometimes. Anyone want to speculate why Darckense is the most chillingly perfect name for a Ravager?

I mean, I wasn’t even really going there. I was looking for a good name, of a protaganist or so, and wound up spotting and settling on this one. And the reason behind it, and she’s a Ravager, is perfect to a T. (And the source is an incredibly excellent read as well. Don’t read too much background though, cause the spoiler is a Crying Game type twist. If you’re at all into the genre it’s one of my favorites.)


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Msaker has been a Mortal Strike Warrior for some time now. In his 40′s he was Fury, dual wielding for leveling goodness, but upon getting into Alerac Valley, and getting his mitts on an Ice Barbed Spear, he was specced for Mortal Strikes because that was good for burst damage and that’s good in the Battlegrounds.

Yes, I had a shield, and I knew the basics of holding aggro, and I considered myself a “Tank.” But sword and a board don’t a tank make. Yes, I’d tanked Scholomance to good acclaim. But how was I going to stack up in the Outlands? Where, oddly, there are no Warriors tanking. (I see why, since Outlands is clearly Paladinlands with regards to plate gear.)

So, I stepped into the machine, journeyed to the Undercity, and became transformed. I am now a Tanking Warrior. Full Protection down to Devastate, some points in Fury for crit chance, and the rest of the points in Arms. I’m not sure if it’s a typical build, but for me, it seems to fit the requirement. (I am now putting points into Iron Will after being stunned over and over by the Orcs in the Blood Furnace. I can’t tank if I’m stunned.)

(Scene from the Blood Furnace. Yes, that is a Tabard of the Protector from the Dark Portal opening event.)

So, my first order of business of practice with the new build. Into the Armory wing of the Scarlet Monastery. I killed everything, including Herod, and then Thunderclapped his students. I never even paused. Into the Cathedral wing. I killed everything, looking for Scarlet gear for my wife’s Paladin, and even started into the Cathedral itself, pulling, and killing, two at a time. Again, without a worry. I don’t know if I can solo the Cathedral or not, but it looks awfully promising that I can. The build worked, and I’ve got my buttons set up decently.

So, test of fire, back to the Outlands for a real instance.

I didn’t have any quest there, not having done the Ramparts yet, but into the Blood Furnace we went. A Resto Shaman for healing, a lock, mage, and somebody. Woot. One death and we cleared the instance.

So, still full of energy, positive rage, and after dinner, I returned, and this time went into the Ramparts, Paladin, Mage, Warlock, and Rogue with me. No deaths until we hit the Dragon. Woot. And this Paladin, Protection specced, healed like a Priest. I see now why Holy Priests are furious. This guy was main healing, and handled it great.

Protection Warrior Tank. This is going to be an interesting career move.

P.S. Devastate feels a lot like a Rogue finishing move. My MetaHUD puts sunders up like combo points, and while you can Devastate with any number, the more sunders you have, the more damage you do. But, rather than get cleared, the sunders are refreshed! So it’s like finishing moves that you can do over and over. At least that’s what it felt like.


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Two are better than one.

Blackhoof was in the Bone Wastes the other day. Slowly, and methodically, working off quests given to him by the folks at the stranded caravan. One quest involved entering the Shadow Tomb and recovering some artifacts. I worked my way down into the tomb and discovered a Dwarf Hunter, named Bluntte, and his bear, Oscar. He was going into the same side room as I was. It quickly became clear that we were working on the same quest, and that fired off the partnership. He’d pick one of a pair, I’d get the other, and we’d help the other finish theirs off. Left and right sides taken care of and we moved to the end room. We cleared this using the same tactic and were at least at the big four armed lady there. He pointed at her, and pointed at me. Ah, he’s letting me have her and her loot. Thanks. So we kill her, no loot of note, and grab our artifacts.

Now this room also contained a Broken prisoner, Akuna. And he needed rescuing. So I pointed at him, then at Bluntte. And we were off.

Well, Akuna (I hope I’ve got his name right) is one annoyed Broken. Rather than quietly, and quickly, coming with us to his freedom, he walks till he spots one of his Orc captors, and runs to attack them. Much hilarity ensued, however, we did manage to get him out into the night air. And out onto the sands and heading to the caravan. Except for the group of two that materialize around him, joined by two more that were already there, and the two skirmishers that just rode up.

Akuna the Maroona, was dead. Bluntte cried, I sighed, and he turned and pointed back to the tomb. I nodded. If at first you don’t succeed…

So we head back down, and Akuna is there again, none the worse for the wear. Bluntte points at me, then Akuna. My turn. We head back out, trying to keep him safe. As we clear the tomb Bluntte goes ahead and clears the path. Excellent. And Akuna instead runs to the right, behind some tents, and finds two more we didn’t even consider threats. Good grief. What an angry Broken.

But, lo and behold, the pre-clearing worked and Bluntte and I got Akuna to safety. Now I pointed back to the tomb, and we both returned.

And once again Akuna was recovered and delivered to safety.

Bluntte and Oscar, of the Rangers of Kirin Tor , I salute you.

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Just the two of us. Happier wearing, not singing, the Blues.

I see the crystal raindrops fall
And the beauty of it all
Is when the sun comes shining through
To make those rainbows in my mind
When I think of you some time
And I want to spend some time with you

Halcyon is level 20. An up-and-coming Paladin. Ready to serve the Sin’Dorei causes. One new mission was laid before her by her Paladin Trainer. To acquire the materials for the Blood Tempered Ranseur, the trade-mark weapon of the cadet Blood Elf Paladins.

There was a part to be retrieved from Deathholme, but we would save that for another night.

The other parts appear to be slightly more difficult in getting. But Halcyon has friends. Powerful friends. She knows 800 pounds of bovine intelligence: Blackhoof. And, well, in the old world a level 65 Enhancement Shaman is a force to be reckoned with. If you happen to be one of the beginning instances.

So, our first target was Shadowfang Keep. He met in the Undercity, she porting in from Silvermoon City, and I from Shattrath City. We both hopped bats to the Sepulcher, and ran to the Keep. Rawr. (Sorry, but you get to feeling like that when you revisit old instances, particularly ones that gave you problems.) We make our way down to the jail cells, whack, whack, turn the dogs to bone. We speak with Sparky, the Keep’s new (NEW?!?!) prisoner in the jail cells. He reveals the secret of where the ingot, the first material she needs, is to be found. In a box in the stables. I can’t kill him, pink skinned human, (URGES!) and oddly, I can’t lock the cell again. (Heh.) And then we speak with the Forsaken prisoner who gets us into the courtyard. And there I am unleashed rage, a Shaman on the warpath. I leave everything dead, and those already dead, they wind up deader. WOP WOP WOP WOP dead dead dead dead. Hooah! /flex. And there’s Sparky, in new skin. Furry skin. Thin skin. Paper thin. Aw. Poor Sparky.

Halcyon enters the stables, her path cleared before her like she was royalty. I wish I had some rose petals to dust the path before her with.

And I decide it’s just a minute or two more until we reach the ghostly Commander Springvale, so let’s pay him a visit. And we leave Springvale pushing up daisies and Halcyon loots him. The Commander’s Crest drops. (A nice, blue, level 23 Shield: [623 Armor, 13 Block, +6 Str, +3 Stam, +3 Spi]) She’s dinged 21 by now, and in 2 levels she’ll be able to use it. Nice. We shake the dog fur off our gear and make our way out and back to Tirisfal Glades.

The next step was the zeppelin flight to Orgrimmar, and into Ragefire Chasm. Halcyon happened to be on a quest there already, and the two tomes she needed quickly dropped. (What are Orc hooligans doing with reading material??) But the real goal was killing a named Orc and activating the orb behind him and summoning a demon. Demon summoned, and we’ve got his blood. Two materials acquired. When we departed the average intelligence, and beauty, of Orgrimmar’s populace plummeted. (Blood Elves have behaved themselves remarkably well on Kirin Tor. The feared nekkid belf dance parties on the mailbox outside the bank never materialized.)

Next stop was to make the trip into the Night Elf lands. We ran to the Crossroads, picked up the flightpoint, then turned north for the long jog to Splintertree Post. That flightpoint in hand, we veered west and travelled around Astranaar (“Hello you lop eared bastards! Get into the sun more you freaks!” /wave – Life on a PvE server isn’t all death and bloodshed!) to Zoram Strand. The last materials we’d get in the old world was the gem, and those drop quickly off the naga outside of the Blackfathom Deep’s entrance.

It was a long night. Halcyon and Blackhoof visited three world instances, on two continents. And Halcyon is just short one material, the insignia of the Blood Knight. That task will fall to her and Sunstriker when next they return to Deathholme and complete the last of the missions they have there.

Just the two of us
We can make it if we try
Just the two of us, just the two of us
Just the two of us
Building castles in the sky
Just the two of us, you and I

(Just the Two of Us, 1980, by Bill Withers.)

P.S. My wife *hates* pugs and enjoys it best when it’s just the two of us. And I love seeing her happy, wearing, not singing, the blues.


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“Call me Legion.” Lol.

Last night we took it easy, the wife and I.

Our Blood Elves are nearly done with the new Blood Elf area. The Amani Trolls have been put in their place. We’ve poisoned their food, collected their Juju, killed them, and killed their leader. We’ve also killed the traiterous Blood Elf found in Deathholme, we’ve killed the giant dead guys wandering the place, and now we’re tasked with a few final quests, and that is to find and kill his lieutenants and rescue some folks.

Our Draenei are also coming along. Still on Bloodmyst Isle.

I think I prefer the green, albeit gloomy, atmosphere of the Ghostlands, to the red, stifling, atmosphere of Bloodmyst Isle.

But, flipped around, I liked the Draenei northwestern forest feel of the beginning area a little better than Eversong. I guess I prefer cool green to warm reds and oranges.

Anyway, as we were getting our training, and after Zimraphel logged off, a guild recruitment announcement caught my eye. Legion of Light was recruiting.

I thought to myself “I’m all about the Light, being Draenei.” So I ask the recruiter what kind of levels? Casual or endgame? Some 60′s. Casual. Hmmm. I’m about to take the bait. Wait, wait, do you have a website? Yep. (See sidebar.) Alright, they had me at Legion. Sign me up.

Hello. Welcome. welcome, they greet me with. Hello everyone, I say.

Then I mention to her I had a few more characters. I see that there’s not that many 60′s in the guild. No 70′s. The recruiter, Druid, is only a Private. I later meet the guildmaster in person, a Paladin, and he’s not wearing a set. And he’s got no PvP title. And then I look at the guild roster. So many low and mid-level characters. Cool! This sounds like a casual guild.

So I bring Arcarius on. And get him an invite. They’re happy to get another level 60+ character to instance with.

Then I bring Darkhand on. And get him an invite. At this time I say “Call me Legion.” They laugh.

So I bring Greenclaw on, /gquit the abandoned Nightsong Moon (they having left for a new server), and got him an invite.

Then I brought Freewind on. I feel like I’m pushing the limit of something. (On the other hand that’s 2 40′s, a 48, and a 62 that are new to the guild.) The guildmaster is a blacksmith and offers to make me anything I need. Truesilver Gauntlets and Heavy Mithril Leggings. And I had the materials already. Cool.

Then I brought Honorus on. I think I confused them at this point and got a party invite, and not a guild one. Lol’d, and they /ginvited me.

It turns out the guildmaster was going to go help someone in Uldaman because he likes the place. Cool.

Six invites. So I tell them my wife plays a little too. And she tells me that anyone can recruit. Nice.

And the guild chatter was friendly. No rping, though I ask about it. When I mention that my Horde guild rp’s in guild chat and does out of character stuff in an additional channel they immediately create an lolooc channel. And they plan a lolrp channel for heavy roleplaying. And within seconds of getting each guild invite I was promoted twice, getting the ability to recruit, and they recorded my professions in the player note.

It’s past midnight and I bid them a goodnight. “Goodnight, Legion. Lol.”

It’s nice having a friendly chatter in the background again.


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