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Thank God for mageweave. That’s the last pre-order I’ll ever do. A pet can’t possibly be worth the week’s delay getting into the Outlands. All my guildies, Horde and Alliance side, are in Hellfire Peninsula. I got so tired of … Continue reading

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Looking for trouble, in all the right places. Itarilde and Freewind, that’s the wife and I, and the couple featured on the right in the graphic above, were looking to do a few quests. Not many left at this level … Continue reading

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Add-ons Extravaganza!I put together a file list for my friend and decided this might be of use to others too. This is what I’ve got in way of add-ons. I mostly get them at: (Sort on timestamp to get … Continue reading

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GG, what now? “Unable to validate game version. This may be caused by file corruption or the interferance of another program. Please visit for more information and possible solutions to this issue.” Anyone else getting this? On the eve … Continue reading

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Three raids. Arcarius, after pvp’ing his butt off in the battlegrounds traded all that work in for a set of epic shoulders. Nice and glowy. Bought a Crystal Slugthrower in the Auction House and so will get a few more … Continue reading

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Easy (if you’re level 60 or so) Argent Dawn Tabard. Check out the WoW Insider today. Basically, head down to the Dark Portal, get a quest from the Argent Dawn, to kill, or be involved in the killing of, 6 … Continue reading

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The slow road to the Grandmarshal’s Bow, aka Bullseye. And it’s not just 60′s. Arcarius has been getting some amount of attention lately. Yes, I could sign up for the Battlegrounds with Msaker, Orc Warrior, and join guildmates, play connected … Continue reading

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Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me. Or, “Tag, you’re it.” Tobold tagged Relmstein and he tagged me. Five things you might not know about me: 1. I’ve lived and worked overseas a lot, and at least a year in … Continue reading

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Winning the lottery in AV. Or, why Autoloot is important. My Warrior’s got new pants. He can’t wear them yet because he’s only level 38. [Cloudkeeper Leggings]. Not a shabby drop for looting an NPC at Frostwolf Graveyard. Like eating … Continue reading

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Happy New Year, everyone. What’s that going to bring, this New Year? The Burning Crusade, for starters. I look forward to seeing new content and both new races. Two years going and World of Warcraft still does it for me. … Continue reading

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