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Not every “Good grief, I just joined and we’re already losing 1 to 4 and only minutes left to go” is beyond some saving grace. (Other than that Mark, of course.)

So I came, saw, took some names.

That’s Arcarius on top there.

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Me vs. the Haves.

But don’t get me started.

I, Arcarius now, have gotten 30 WSG Marks, 37 AB, and 27 AV.

I have already traded in 20 AV Marks and 4k honor for the blue PvP gloves.

I’m working on getting 6k in honor so I can get the leggings for the WSG marks.

It is inconcievable to me how much some have played in order to get their epic PvP shoulders. And unlike Vizzini, I do know what that word means.

Or two High Warlord one-handers. Or the two-hander. I play too much already, and I’m not even in the same league, or sport even, as these people.

Oh, wait, ha ha, you must think I’m talking about folks in pre-mades. Well, no. Sure, the folks in pre-mades are earning 3 times the honor I am, and 3 times the marks, and hence 3 times the gear, or more! I’m talking about my pugmates. Jeeze, Louie, what’s it take to keep up with you??? How many hours a day am I expected to play to compete?

Well, confession time here, maybe I’m a little spreadout here. A little diffused. See, while I’m working on Arcarius, I’ve also worked a bit on my Rogue this week. Taking Darkhand to level 48. And Greenclaw got some love, and a mount a little earlier. And I still play with my darling wife as we venture out with our Night Elves, the Warrior Freewind and Druid Itarilde. And once they get their mounts, then it’ll be time for the Dead to come out and play, her Mage and my Priest. And we’ll be joined by our friend Nachmahd and his undead Warlock.

So Arcarius isn’t benefitting from my exclusive attention.

Blackhoof, the MC and BWL raider, he’s got 55 days /played on him. And he’s pretty much retired. He used to get a lot of my attention. But since I’m no longer raiding, more time for the rest.

So with three 60′s, two in the 40′s, 3 in their 30′s, and 2 from the new races, and I’ve got a full house. And it’s not bad. I have as well.

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Bada Ding! Sixty. For the third time.
Took Arcarius to the Plaguelands and pushed from 58 to 60. Took two days with some Battlegrounds thrown in.

This was my first ever character. Kinless, on the Argent Dawn server. Suitably, he dinged 60 as Arcarius working on behalf of the Argent Dawn. 21 days /played. Since he was my first he dithered about a bit more than one might care too.

But he’s not Kinless, not anymore, he’s got family. Darkhand is level 46. Greenclaw just the other day hit 40, and joined the mounted ranks. Freewind is at 35 and pushing hard with Itarilde, my wife’s druid who’s at level 36, to both reach 40.
Then there’s the new knock around characters on Steamwheedle Cartel server that are reaching level 10+ now.

And don’t get me started about the expansion and new races *and* new content *and* more levels.

Arcarius dinged in an unlikely place. Saving the last 190 honor to do this turn-in for the Draenei guy in Southshore. Kind of fitting on the eve of venturing into the Outlands.


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Droonda dings 60. 13 days /played. You’ve come a long way, baby.

First order of business was to put on some party clothes and journey down to Booty Bay to celebrate. She in her pirate outfit, Msaker in his ministry one.


And more drinks. The Booty Bay Rum packs a punch.

And a night of dancing.

Booty Bay shakes.

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Merry Christmas, everyone.

Droonda and I want to wish all our friends, you Gnomes too, a very Merry Christmas.

We hope you have a pleasant holiday. Eating turkey, drinking eggnog, slaying dragons, and enjoying real life friends, family, and festivity.

From our Gnomes to yours,

Msaker & Droonda.
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Goals I have for the Holidays. Orc needs a clue.

This Christmas I plan to help Droonda the Shaman Orc Princess reach level 60. Top of the list. We have most of the quests in the Eastern Plaguelands to do yet, so 60 should be just around the corner.

Show Droonda more of the world. We’ve seen Scholomance. We’ve mastered the Darkmaster. She needs to see the Reaver now and get her epic helm quest done. We’ve seen a lot of Black Rock Depths, but not the Emperor. We’ve seen a lot of Lower Black Rock Spire, got the pets, but not Wyrmthalek. We’ve not been to Upper Black Rock Spire. We’ve not been to Stratholme. ZG and AQ20 will follow. We’ve got a lot left to see together. (Blackhoof, on the other hand, being a raider in a previous life has seen it all, through half of BWL.)

Get Arcarius, Night Elf Hunter, to 60. Two levels to go. My first character and he’s not even 60. I respecced to Marksmanship yesterday, to test out a high-damage build. Returned to the Steppes and after two Dragonkin decided “Meh.” Not what I need: Aggro. Flew back to Stormwind City and spent half my gold on a respec back to Beast Mastery. I have Intimidation and Bestial Wrath back, and Spirit Bond, but did not take the 41 point talent. I put 5 points in Critical Hits in Marksmanship, and 3 points in Hawkeye (+6 yards range) in Survival. I put the last 5 points in Improved Concussive Shot for BG goodness. Since I’m soloing PvE, or doing BG’s, I didn’t get much use out of a high-damage build. That must be for raiding Hunters where the pet is secondary at best.

Get Greenclaw, Night Elf Druid, to 40. Two levels to go. (Because at level 68 he gets Flight Form. And Druids are the new Warriors, haven’t you heard.)

Get Honorus, Human Paladin, to 40. Eight levels to go. Hmmm. That’ll be tough. (And Pally’s are the new Warriors, haven’t you heard.) But tough because where’s the time?

Since I also have one last goal and that’s gearing up Msaker.

Now I’ve gotten the full Rare PvP armor set. I’ve got The Unstoppable Force and The Immoveable Object. And the Horde’s Champion’s Plate looks goood on an Orc. (Alliance Warrior looks like Alliance Pally in the their Champion’s Gear. I can never tell them apart. Just when the Seal’s start flowing.)

But is that enough for the Outlands? I can BG some more. I’ve got 47 AV Marks and 20 AB Marks now. And 2k Honor now.

Do I get the HWL 1-Handed Axe? (I have Polearm/Axe specialization, and I’m an Orc, and I have weapon specialization, so 309 Axe Skill and +5% crit when using them.) 22,500 Honor and 20 AB Marks.

And combine that with the HWL Shield Wall? (Is the HWL shield, with 500 more armor and more stamina, that much better than The Immovable Object? Is it worth the 22,500 Honor and 20 AB Marks I’ll spend on it to get?

Or do I get the HWL Polearm, for the coolness factor, or the HWL 2-handed Axe, since I’m Orc I get +5 with it. Same stats, the Axe I’ll have +5 skill with. Are they that much better than the TUF that it’s worth 45,000 Honor and 40 AV Marks to get?

Now I’ve suffered through a lot of Alliance pre-made victories in AB lately. I’m doing so to accumulate the 40 AB Marks I need for the HWL Shield and 1-hand Axe. I’m doing this so I can absorb damage. Handy in the BG and invaluable in PvE. Or take the 20 AB marks I have and spend it on one of them. The Axe? The Shield?

But if the first 2 items I can get in the Outlands are a green shield and a green axe that surpass both HWL items, it’s obviously not worth it.

Those HWL 2-handers look sweet, the polearm especially, but, again, are they worth it?

Now I’m thinking along a different tack. Maybe I should upgrade my Champion’s armor to the Warlord’s? I.e. my Blue set for a Purple Set? The Warlord’s stuff is supposed to be BWL-like. That’s going to take an awful lot of Honor and more Marks out of each BG still. That would get me 774 more armor, 28 more Strength, 49 more Stamina, 33 more Agility, and +3 to hit, and +5 to crit.

Or is all this, all of it, soon to be quickly rendered out-of-date by my first incursions into the Outlands?

Any Beta Testers, Warriors or anyone with an idea, out there want to give this Orc a clue about this?


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The Bots are gone. They’ve been Terminated. … Or?

Le Bot est mort. Vive le Bot!

I finally managed to break away from the PvP and questing to get back to the Burning Steppes with my level 58 Hunter. The new Beast Mastery talent tree wasn’t so bad. I appeared to be able to kill Dragonkin a little more quickly than I remember. (I’ve now taken a PvP full Marksmen talent build. Stay tuned on damage output and pet degradation once I establish that against the Dragonkin.)

Anyway, I was going to the areas there in the Steppes where I know the caster type Dragonkin are, and lo and behold, XOIUDF and his cat Cat and Brannerf and his cat Cat were gone. And a few others too.

They were such regular features of the environment, as they circled on definite patrol paths, like hands marking time of a clock, like seasons. To be without them seemed odd.

From a selfish standpoint I miss them. Nothing like kill-stealing, and skinning-stealing, from a Bot and getting a stack of Black Dragonscales for an hour’s effort. And the xp, albeit reduced since they’re doing half the killing, wasn’t too bad.

But they’re gone. All of them.

Or? So I thought.

Later, I was in Tanaris with my level 46 Rogue. Killing those Wastewanderer Bandits and such. There I see a Dwarf Hunter, level 48. He’s got some odd name: Hwyrazsfr, or some such. His cat is named Cat. (RP server mind you. But where’s the ? GM Ticket button gone to?)

Anyway, I watched him kill a bandit. “Okay,” I think, “He’s got no imagination and he recently tamed the Cat and hasn’t created an equally uncreative name for it yet.” I watch him kill two bandits. “He must be on that quest,” I thought.

And then the odd part. Rather than veer off to the next camp, full of bandits just waiting to be killed, the hunter instead appears to be moving in a large radius around the watertower. Ignoring all bandits that are obviously visible to me and instead going for them that are standing in a limited circular path around this tower.

The Bots are back. Stupid at the moment, but I guess clever programming will find a way around every limitation Blizzard implements in their macros and Lua language.

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Is that the background of Blizzard’s World of Warcraft page? A frozen, arctic, glacial like environment?

What’s up with that?

Is Blizzard perhaps suggesting something? This close to the eve of the Expansion’s release? Is there something we don’t know about? And the Beta Testers themselves oblivious of?

Is this that we’re seeing Northrend?


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Getting in the holiday spirit.

Beating down Darkmaster Gandling and taking his dumb hat.

We rocked the place and Senthris got a green hat. Elsewhere some Paladin loot. Grrr. For Msaker some nice +Defense shoulders with more armor than the Champion’s one (seen here) and the Phantasm Cloak off Jandice Barov (also seen here).

A view of my UI. Lots of ACE add-ons. I like info. (I am going to reduce the 3 bars on the side down to 1 using Autobar. I’m getting used to it and can do away with a lot of extra bars.)

And lovely Droonda, Orcish Shaman Princess, is level 59 1/2. She’s almost made it. As they say “You’ve come a long way, Baby!” (She’s #3 in the party, with the green helm. She did half the healing. And did it well.)

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My research into Druid Feral Form.

Greenclaw needs a little attention and I know I should get busy with him again. Level 38 is very, very close to 40.

So I took a look around the web and found two solid Feral Druid strategy guides.

The first is one is by a guy named Alamo. He’s got “street cred” given he plays a Bare Durid.

The second guide is from someone I’m shocked to learn plays WoW. We know Dave Chapelle, Vin Diesel, and Chuck Norris had toons. But this guy too?

First up is Alamo on Cat Form Druids:

gif animation

And the second … this guy is inspiring. If he can find the time to develop the theory of relativity, and level a Druid to 60 … Wow. Just wow.

(He should have rolled a mage though since his +Int is probably real high.)

And that’s about what I found worth sharing.


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