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Ding. 56. Nearly there. Msaker made 56 the old fashioned way. I visited my friends, the Dreadmaul Ogres in the Burning Steppes, and, Orc-style, I left none alive. The last 15% I needed, after a night of questing with my … Continue reading

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It ain’t over ’til the fat dwarf dies. Three incursions into the Alterac Valley. That the first would be a win was a given. We mounted up and headed north. Apparently the Alliance mounted up and headed south. Everyone. We … Continue reading

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Getting those mallets was too easy. Jintha’Alor. Msaker, Nachmahd, and Droonda, and two guild Warlocks take Jintha’Alor and teach the Vilebranch Trolls a lesson: Don’t mess with the Horde. What a hoot. We rode through there with 95% single pulls. … Continue reading

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Maraudon and the Princess dies. No offense, but if you’ve 3 faces and 4 hands and horns and crap? You’re going down. For your own good. Primordial Titan or not. Last night Nachmahd, now level 54, Droonda, now level 48, … Continue reading

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